Friday, April 17, 2009


Hey friends

WEll its friday the scale didnt move..........but i didnt gain this week so thats a plus right ?

I take my test today for cdl for bus. Sure hope i pass it.
I found another bone this morning and starting to wonder if i look like a skelton because i feel like one with all these bones poping up on my body i never knew i had. lol

Kids are great . They are getting excited for camps. I love summer and camping. I am so glad i am blessed that i can do tons of things in the summer with my kids instead of just sitting at home and playing in the yard. Its night to stay home but its great when your kids can explore what God has given us.

WEll karley is singing BULL FROGS and BUTTERFLIES so guess thats a cue for me to get off here.

Have a great weeekend we have scout fair sat and chuch on sun....................


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