Monday, April 13, 2009

Support group meeting (april)

Wanted to share some pictures. These are friends who have lost weight from wls and they are the sweetiest folks i know. We didnt take the easy way out by having wls we took the hard way out and gained wonderful friends. Thanks Sean for all you do for our group . Thanks for being there for my stupid questions. Best of all Thanks for letting me give ya a hard time with everyone else.........if we couldnt we wouldnt be normal lol.

Thanks to all you for supporting me in this journey and sharing ideas and information . LOVE JULIET

Steven .... My mentor , My OH angel. GREAT

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GastricGirl said...

I need to make it to one of the Starbucks meetings! I have been really bad about checking OH, so I never know when they are! it's wonderful to have such a great support group! :)