Saturday, April 25, 2009

WHAT A WEEKEND (camping )

Ok folks when they say 20% of rain ................that really MEANS FLASH FLOOD from the woodworks.

I have been so excited to going camping. So since i am co chair of the program we had to be out there day early (fri). SO all day friday i packed just with so much excitment i couldnt wait . Finally its the big time to GET OUT there.............YEAH we are going camping.............

Well we get out there the wind is blowing 90 to nothing so a sweet boy helps me set up my two room large .........ok giant tent. So every other thought wasnt nice to the wind but we did it had to use rope but hey i got a tent UP .. YIPPIE ...............

Well its getting dark (ok its probably because its 7ish ) NOT because we are under 20% of rain . Well we will just sit in the tent for a while no biggie. Well WRONG again . SO we grab the two rolls of paper towels and start putting it by the doors because its leaking in my tent because of the way my tent is made (ARGGGG). no biggie got it taken care of >>>>>>>>>NOT so lets grab a blanket that will stop the rain ...............NOT .......ok lets grab my jacket and stop the water....................NOT ok this point i told Bailey take your shirt off. Of course i heard MOMMM .................JUST DO IT ............. so that still didn't work and at this time of the excitement i have a lake about 15 feet or so RIGHT behind my tent(thinking camping by a lake oh how nice it would be etc ) So now we are about 2hours into this rain pour(remember its only 20% ) and i am freaking out by now. SO they are rescuing us in a 4x4 truck. Well it was feeling like it was taking FOREVER to be rescued. I start calling my Co chair fussing and crying and freaking with her GET ME OUT OF HERE. I had two boys in my tent (one decided he would roll over and take a nap .... my son) and the other one was s trooper and helping me hold the tent and etc.

WELL by the time we got rescued was about 3hours from the time it started. There was ankle deep water in my tent and around outside. Remember the ONE lake i told you about well afterwards and today (when we went back out there to get the stuff ) it was more like 5 lakes that had no where to go . SO of course we canceled the event (DUH i wasn't swimming around doing Dino events ) . SO we made it home safe around midnight . Well i take the stuff to moms (she has a big yard ) and we lay it all out to dry and now guess what happen around 4 today when we got back from eating.................................YES YOU got it now my stuff is still sitting out in the rain (tent, tables, etc ) .......

SO that's my weekend. I wasn't happy when all this took place and i have never prayed so hard in my life like i did last night. Now we are laughing about all the crazy things that took place.

So do you think your weekend was better then mind i would love to hear it .lol

SO this is my famous camping trip i will never forget.. I have been camping for two years i have copper head and bats around my tent, extreme cold weather hot weather, ..........BUT this one topped it all . I think what made it the worest the wind was a nightmare to deal with .

Well off to clean house and get ready for my tupperware show tomorrow (pray i do great ) .
ALso pray that i pass my written test on friday for my new job.

ps YES i will still go camping . Yes i still love camping.



Danielle said...

Sounds like you had quite the weekend! Isn't it crazy how kids can just roll over and sleep during stuff like that?! We drove back from Kemah in that horrible weather, but it was nothing as traumatic as your experience!

I enjoyed your story, but only because it didn't happen to me! lol

GastricGirl said...

Poor thing, sounds like a very fun filled weekend! ha!