Thursday, June 11, 2009

89lbs gone

This is 89lbs gone pictures. Please forgive the quality my loving mother isnt the best at picture taking lol. This picture below just shocks me . I kept these shorts and never thought i would get back in them . I think i have had them for about 4years i use to call them my daisy dukes because they were short and i couldnt breath in them when button lol. Well now they are down to my knees and they wont stay on my hips. So guess i will be getting new clothes (shorts) . lolol

Well one more night of camps then i am free. I am going to work out at the gym in the morning finally and then let the kids swim(of course i wil have my tanning lotion so i won't get BURNED again lol)

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Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Julie- What an amazing accomplishment!! Congratulations!! It takes a lot of commitment and personal strength, no matter what program you use. I give you a lot of credit!