Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enjoying the summer with my kids

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I love summers but of course not the heat here in texas. But summer time i plan all kind of things for my kids. When i was growing up we stayed home daily never did much beside visit family . It was boring we made due with what we had . I had homemade toys , i pretended grocery store, played under the tree , put a diaper on my dog etc. Yes they were great times and i wouldnt want it any other way back then. But now days kids want to go , go , go . Well , I am sure i have some readers that are going to put their heads shaking when i post what i have on my mind. But ask me if i care NO because its my kids and my doings i do with my kids. I have nothing bad to say about staying home with family here at the murray's we do it sometimes too. But since we dont have a yard or any yard toys i must take my kids places or to mom's. So, with that said we went to our second time this summer to crosby community center (its only on weds) . Each week is a theme . Today was Fire safetly and the sprayed the kids with the truck hose. It was so much fun. Then i took them to the library and they got to pick three books out and a movie a piece. We do this until end of july plus the park is next door so i take them there too. On fridays they been going swimming. Well , this friday we are going to Old mcdonald farm. I found some coupons in the houston family magazine.

I do outings on a budget. This summer everything we are going to do i have a coupon on or found a discount code for it. Plus a lot of places are offering deals and things.

SO you can have a filled fun summer on a budget if you do your work by looking. Alot of great offers are out there you just have to look .

So anything exciting you are doing with your kids this summer or places you would like to share ?

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Danielle said...

I'm with you on CHEAP entertainment! Living next door to my parents has its advantages: they bought Wes and Jilly a swimming pool big enough for them to start swimming, but not too big to where its a pain to maintain. That has been a huge source of our summer entertainment!