Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camps are over YIPPIE

My kids last night at girl and boy scout camps (two different places) are done. Karley made a sock monkey and other crafts and learned new songs. Bailey got hosed down by the fire dept and went hiking and make nature crafts. They had a lot of fun. I am so glad my kids enjoy scouts. I would rather see them in a group that is lead by good postive standards and teaches them the respect of the lords nature etc. I am just not a sports mom (THANKGOODNESS they arent into sports).

We have a busy summer but i love it .

Beach (hoping this happens )
girl scout camp (in july )
Church camp (bailey he is going by his self i will be a basket case in august lol)
church events
crosby community center things
SO yes we are going to be busy not including the things we do with our family and us going to our reunion .

But i love to stay busy and so does my kids. They get along better and we have a great time together. Great memories

Well off to finish cleaning house and then going to gym and swimming . Have a great weekend.

Love juliet

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