Thursday, June 18, 2009


As of today

i started at 296 (dec 08)
Surgery i was 276 (dec 29th 08)
5 months and half out i am


so far i have lost 90lbs WOOHOOO
i got 6 more pounds before i hit my next goal of 200
then when i hit that i will work on my last 55ish pounds

i want to stop around 145ish so i can have plastics done in the near future

Also i go tomorrow for my second interview with the sheldon isd Please say a prayer i get this job

Hope all is well

Ps over look my ugly no sound blog right now hoping my sweet friend can help me out and fix it when she gets online


Mrs. Sheila said...

The only thing I can see is that maybe it is a new advertising banner for pyzam. You can maybe try to going into your settings choosing "minma' for your background ( it will be all white). Then maybe try adding one of the others you like again. I have no clue. That is why I came to love "cutest blog on the block". It is easier to put in and no crazy mess!

Mrs. Sheila said...

k. The new layout ~ Did you put in your layout, or in the settings section?

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Juliet- Excellent, Excellent job losing the weight!! How are your emotions going with all the weight loss and cutting back on food?
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