Sunday, June 07, 2009

Good morning

I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying life. I am doing well. A few updates

1. Bailey starts summer school tomorrow. He passed 1st grade with flying colors but we still have to work hard to get him threw his next level.

2. Karley is pure girly girl as always. She has matured so much since school got out. She starts girls scouts camp tomorrow i am so excited i can't wait. I believe a child should be in some sorta of social activity in their life. I don't care for sports but if my kids every want to do sports then they can . I will support them in everything they want to do in life.

3. Bailey starts scout camp tomorrow night too .(see where this is going lol)

4. I am the craft director for cub scouts camp all week .

5. We will be starting our community activities on wed. This is a great program and very cheap for a summer fun . We go every year and hit up the library and park all in one day .

6. I bought my FIRST full outfit yesterday (SIZE 18) WOHOOOO (i will post pictures soon .

7. We got a treat last week the kids dad passed threw down .

8 I paid for my OH conference in Dallas for Sept I cant wait. What is this you ask ? I go to a site called with a bunch of people like me who had the surgery . THEY ARE AWESOME FOLKS. Its like a meeting , educational , fun social time weekend.

9 I took more test this week passed school bus but still missing the other test by one to two questions. You have to have a 80 to pass i keep getting 76-79 % instead. So i am going back tomorrow and only taking air brakes. I AM going to pass this test or else.

10 I am going to be praying hard for another job doing TAXES..........yeah i know i am nuts but i have a awesome friend (my tax lady and family friend) who is a manager at HR Block and i think i might could do this . They do train ya and it starts in august. SO i am thinking about doing this .

11 Ok think that's all the updates . I am off to get dressed and head to church . I am hoping on Friday i can hit the gym this week is going to be crazy with two scout camps family stuff and summer school and testing...........YIKES LOL

love Juliet

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