Friday, June 12, 2009

Things i can do now but didnt do 5 months ago

I have been looking back on my life again. I know i posted this before but wanted to add to the list lol.

Some of these things might not be a big thing to you skinny folks but for someone who is learning a new life it is big.

Things i couldnt do but can do now

cross both of my legs (both ways)
bring my knees to my chest )
I have been running a little bit (funny thing is i find my self running on my toes now thats strange ) lol

When i am running or walking fast i am not out of breath anymore.
I am eating soooooooooooo much better now and picking good choices (not couting wed night i will explain that one later)

I am moving more then use to . Most days before surgery you would find me not wanting to go outside in the heat or not wanting to go shopping. Now i am always on the go.

I was not very excited to go to a gym in the pass now i am dieing to get back into the gym today. I been out of the gym for two weeks because one i was burned and two i had two camps to attend.

So thats just a few things i wanted to share. Now you are probably going to ask about Wed night... Well wed i stopped at sonic to get a cup of ice and i saw the ice cream sign (see where this is going) . Well i gave in and ate a ice cream cone on the way to camp .......... OH it tasted sooooooooooooooo wonderful but as soon as i got to camp ....... yep i was in the bathroom . After that my stomach hurt Well thursday i basically stayed in house because my stomach still hurted from that darn ice cream. SO you probably asking WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU EAT THAT STUFF>............. Well i am normal just like you are. And i am still learning how to eat RIGHT and make right choices. I knew better to not eat that but i let my mental part of me give in. That's something i will deal with the rest of my life . Would i try to eat ice cream again ............ i don't know but i sure don't want that pain again so i probably wont. But i am just showing you one example just because i had the surgery its not the easy way out. I still have to work my stomach right and i have to feed it good choices. But for 31 years i have fought fried foods, starches etc so its a challenge i will have to face on a daily basis.

Well off to get ready to go to the gym WOHOOO


PS Steve if you are reading this ......................... i am going to hide lolol I know LESSON LEARNED on ice cream lol guess i should of called before i ate it lolol for some pointers lol

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